GDN Conference Awards

2016 GDN Springer Awards

In 2016 Springer Science + Business Media B.V. provided a grant to INFORMS for two individual awards amounting to a combined total of USD 750.00. As of January 2017 the annual grant will increase to USD 1500. Upon the recommendation and approval of the Editor‐in‐Chief, the awards are granted during the annual INFORMS GDN conference to the recipients in the name of the Publisher.

The 2016 GDN Conference took place in Bellingham, WA, USA (see conference website). 


2016 GDN Springer Best Paper Award

Daniel Druckman and Lynn Wagner for Negotiating Peace: The Role of Procedural and Distributive Justice in Achieving Durable Peace.   2016 GDN Springer Best Paper Award
K. Hipel, D. Druckman, L. Wagner, C. Eden (l‐to‐r)









2016 GDN Springer Young Researcher Award  

Takahiro Suzuki for Plurality, Borda Count, or Anti‐plurality: Regress Convergence Phenomenon in the Procedural Choice.
Paper written with Masahide Horita 
 2016 GDN Springer Young Researcher Award
K. Hipel, T. Suzuki, G. Kersten (l‐to‐r)