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Topic: Schedule of INFORMS Awards Deadlines

1.  Schedule of INFORMS Awards Deadlines

Posted 6 days ago

The deadlines for many INFORMS awards are quickly approaching:

George Nicholson Student Paper Competition (June 5)

Frederick W. Lanchester Prize (June 15)

Undergraduate OR Prize (June 15)

George B. Dantzig Award (June 30)

Prize for the Teaching of OR/MS Practice (June 30)

Volunteer Service Award (June 30)

INFORMS Fellows Award (June 30)

Bonder Scholarship in Health Service (June 30)

Bonder Scholarship in Military Applications (July 1)

John von Neumann Theory Prize (July 1)

Saul Gass Expository Writing Award (July 1)

 For details on the application process and nomination deadlines for the rest of the 2018 INFORMS awards, click here.



Mary Magrogan
Director, Recognition and Development
Catonsville MD