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Topic: Predictive Modeling for Services and Budgeting 

1.  Predictive Modeling for Services and Budgeting

Posted 07-11-2017 14:14
Good Afternoon,

Recently, I have found myself at a loss for where to find industry information (facilities maintenance and management) relating to budgeting and modeling. I am trying to find if there is a general standard within the industry that companies are using in order to project their budgets based on services performed versus services invoiced. Currently, my company places a great deal of emphasis on services we are invoiced for, this becomes the basis for our future budgeting and also has been attempted to be used as a lever to adjust when we are over budget. However, I believe, and the models I have developed prove, that basing our business on services performed is a better business practice then to base it on being invoiced for services (in which services could be invoiced way after the fact). I am hoping to find any type of white paper, or general publication that I could use to support my assertion in this type of modeling.

If anyone could point me in the right direction for this research it would be greatly appreciated.


Jeffrey Ryan
Chicago IL