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Topic: Announcement: 10th AIMMS-MOPTA Optimization Modeling Competition 

1.  Announcement: 10th AIMMS-MOPTA Optimization Modeling Competition

Posted 18 days ago
Dear Colleagues,

The AIMMS-MOPTA Optimization Modeling Competition is open to all interested
teams of at most three current full-time students. The team leader must be
a graduate student.

The problem is titled
A Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic and Correlated Travel Times

Solutions are due by June 30, 2018 23:59 EST.

Please see the webpage
for all further details, including the downloadable problem description
and data, eligibility conditions, competition format, prizes and copyright;
as well as contact information regarding the MOPTA conference, the
competition, and the AIMMS software.

Janos D. Pinter
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA