APS Council and Officers

APS Council and Officers

Chair: Amy Ward (Term 2016-18)           
USC Marshall School of Business 
Phone: (213) 821-2616 
Email:  amy.ward@marshall.usc.edu

Vice Chair: Itai Gurvich (Term 2016-18)
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University
Phone: (847) 467-1006 
Email: i-gurvich@kellogg.northwestern.edu

Secretary/Treasurer: Hayriye Ayhan  
School of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Phone: (404) 894-2308
Fax: (404) 894-2301
Email: hayhan@isye.gatech.edu

Newsletter Editor: Jiheng Zhang
Department of Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management             
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology             
Phone: +852 2358-8627             
Email: jiheng@ust.hk
APS Representative to INFORMS Subdivision Council: Mark Squillante  
IBM Research
Email: mss@us.ibm.com
Council Member: David Goldberg (Term 2015-17)
Georgia Institute of Technology 
H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering 
Phone: (404) 385-6101 
Email: dgoldberg9@isye.gatech.edu
Council Member: Shane Henderson (Term 2012-15)  
School of Operations Research and Information Engineering
Cornell University
Phone: (607) 255-9126
Fax: (607) 255-9129
Email: sgh9@cornell.edu
Council Member: Rouba Ibrahim (Term 2015-17)
UCL School of Management
University College London
Phone: (0) 20 7679 3278
Email: rouba.ibrahim@ucl.ac.uk
Council Member: Mark Lewis (Term 2014-18)
School of Operations Research and Information Engineering
Cornell University
Phone: (607) 255-0757
Fax: (607) 255-9129
Email: mark.lewis@cornell.edu
Council Member: Tolga Tezcan (Term 2014-16)
Simon Business School
University of Rochester
Phone: (585) 275-5105
Email: tolga.tezcan@simon.rochester.edu
Council Member: Neil Walton (Term 2012-14)
Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics
University of Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 525 5374
Email: n.s.walton@uva.nl
Council Member: Hanqin Zhang (Term 2011-13)  
Business School 
National University of Singapore 
Phone: (65) 6516-6266
Email: bizzhq@nus.edu.sg
International Liaison Council Member: Ivo Adan (Term 2015-17)
Eindhoven University of Technology
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Phone: +31 (40) 2472932
Email: iadan@win.tue.nl
Prize Selection Committee: David Gamarnik (Term 2014-17)
MIT Sloan School of Management
Phone: (617) 253-7779 
Fax: (617) 258-7579 
Email: gamarnik@mit.edu

Prize Selection Committee: Amber Puha (Term 2016-18)
Department of Mathematics
California State University, San Marcos             
Email: apuha.csusm.edu    
Prize Selection Committee: Jose Blanchet (Term 2015-18)  
Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Columbia University
Email: jose.blanchet@columbia.edu