Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Following is a list of working papers and sample recent papers that have appeared in INFORMS journals. You are invited to submit your published or working papers here. Please send your papers to the AAS webmaster Heng Chen.

Working papers

Barkol, Omer, Meiran Rubinstein, Tomer Sagi, Inbal Tadeski, and Guy Wiener. “US2014: A Large-Scale Benchmark For Airline Disruption Management.” ResearchGate, 2017. [URL]

Operations Research

Xia, Yan, Rajan Batta, and Rakesh Nagi. “Controlling a Fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Collect Uncertain Information in a Threat Environment.” Operations Research, 2017. [URL]

Management Science

Atkinson, Scott, Kamalini Ramdas, and Jonathan Williams. “Robust Scheduling Practices in the U.S. Airline Industry: Costs, Returns, and Inefficiencies.” Management Science, 2016. [URL]

Nicolae, Mariana, Mazhar Arıkan, Vinayak Deshpande, and Mark Ferguson. “Do Bags Fly Free? An Empirical Analysis of the Operational Implications of Airline Baggage Fees.” Management Science, 2016. [URL]

Serio, Luigi, Piero Tedeschi, and Giovanni Ursino. “Making Sense of (Ultra) Low-Cost Flights Vertical Differentiation in Two-Sided Markets.” Management Science, 2016. [URL]

Transportation Science

Arıkan, Uğur, Sinan Gürel, and M. Selim Aktürk. “Flight Network-Based Approach for Integrated Airline Recovery with Cruise Speed Control.” Transportation Science, 2017. [URL

Aydın, Nurşen, Ş İlker Birbil, and Hüseyin Topaloğlu. “Delayed Purchase Options in Single-Leg Revenue Management.” Transportation Science, 2016. [URL]

Barz, Christiane, and Daniel Gartner. “Air Cargo Network Revenue Management.” Transportation Science, 2016. [URL

Cacchiani, Valentina, and Juan-José Salazar-González. “Optimal Solutions to a Real-World Integrated Airline Scheduling Problem.” Transportation Science, 2016. [URL]

Cadarso, Luis, Vikrant Vaze, Cynthia Barnhart, and Ángel Marín. “Integrated Airline Scheduling: Considering Competition Effects and the Entry of the High Speed Rail.”Transportation Science, 2016. [URL]

Evans, Antony, Vikrant Vaze, and Cynthia Barnhart. “Airline-Driven Performance-Based Air Traffic Management: Game Theoretic Models and Multicriteria Evaluation.” Transportation Science, 2016. [URL]

Faust, Oliver, Jochen Gönsch, and Robert Klein. “Demand-Oriented Integrated Scheduling for Point-to-Point Airlines.” Transportation Science, 2017. [URL]

Frenk, J. B. G., Behrooz Pourghannad, and Semih O. Sezer. “A Static Model in Single Leg Flight Airline Revenue Management.” Transportation Science, 2016. [URL

Frey, Markus, Ferdinand Kiermaier, and Rainer Kolisch. “Optimizing Inbound Baggage Handling at Airports.” Transportation Science, 2017. [URL

Jacquillat, Alexandre, Amedeo R. Odoni, and Mort D. Webster. “Dynamic Control of Runway Configurations and of Arrival and Departure Service Rates at JFK Airport under Stochastic Queue Conditions.” Transportation Science, 2016. [URL

Jones, James C., David J. Lovell, and Michael O. Ball. “Stochastic Optimization Models for Transferring Delay along Flight Trajectories to Reduce Fuel Usage.” Transportation Science, 2017. [URL

Lehouillier, Thibault, Moncef Ilies Nasri, François Soumis, Guy Desaulniers, and Jérémy Omer. “Solving the Air Conflict Resolution Problem under Uncertainty Using an Iterative Biobjective Mixed Integer Programming Approach.” Transportation Science, 2017. [URL

Marla, Lavanya, Bo Vaaben, and Cynthia Barnhart. “Integrated Disruption Management and Flight Planning to Trade Off Delays and Fuel Burn.” Transportation Science, 2016. [URL

Ruther, Sebastian, Natashia Boland, Faramroze G. Engineer, and Ian Evans. “Integrated Aircraft Routing, Crew Pairing, and Tail Assignment: Branch-and-Price with Many Pricing Problems.” Transportation Science, 2016. [URL

Yan, Chiwei, and Jerry Kung. “Robust Aircraft Routing.” Transportation Science, 2016. [URL

You are more than welcome to submit your working papers here. Please send your papers to the AAS webmaster Heng Chen.